Vietnami Speciális Melegkonyha

Vietnami Speciális Melegkonyha, a bare-bones Vietnamese restaurant outside the city center, serves some traditional dishes you won't find elsewhere. Location is the only downside: it takes about 20-minutes by car to get to from downtown, but at least you will get to discover the less-traveled parts of Budapest. They took over the space from an Italian restaurant without redoing the interior, resulting in a surreal decor featuring Gothic-windows and a Tuscan countryside.

There are two, flawlessly prepared Vietnamese comfort dishes that can make a trek out here worthwhile. One of them is an oversized bowl of canh chua sour soup (€6), a bright, tamarind-laced broth containing pineapple, tomato, and baby clams. The other is the Southern Vietnamese ca kho to, a filet of braised catfish (€7) that arrives in a clay pot smothered in a sweet and sour, tamarind and fish sauce-laced cream. Watch out for the bones! The pho (€5) at Vietnami Speciális Melegkonyha is of the traditional northern variety with a deeply flavorful broth that speaks of long hours of cooking (let's forget about the forlorn-looking herbs that came on the side).

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