Vicky Barcelona Budapest

Bring with you a healthy dose of skepticism when you go to Gozsdu Udvar, also known as the tourist and party central of Budapest's old Jewish Quarter. Most restaurants and bars here look to make money off the foreign crowds without offering much in exchange. Vicky Barcelona, a lively tapas bar, is one of the few exceptions.

It's a dimly lit, elongated space flanked by small tables and red velvet drapes on one side, and a curvilinear bar counter with mosaic patterns on the other. While not revolutionary, the menu includes a good selection of tapas staples that won't disappoint. The croquetas de jamon, the revuelto (scrambled eggs with sausage, goat cheese, and apple), and the carrillera de cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pork cheek) are all good. Service is normally quick and professional, although sometimes it evokes the American dining experience by rushing patrons through their meals. One of the best things at Vicky Barcelona is the live Spanish music performed five nights a week. On weekends, the space transforms into a packed dance floor after dinner with a DJ spinning dance music. Reservations for most nights are a must.