Valyo Kikötő Budapest (Outdoor Only)

Have you ever felt that the only thing painfully absent from Budapest was a quiet spot by the Danube bank, where you could watch the sunset with your feet submerged in the refreshingly cool water and all the while sip on a cold beer? Valyo Kikötő, this 2018 newcomer to Budapest's open air bar scene, might just be the answer to many of us.

Even if you don't harbor such sentimental thoughts, Valyo could be worth a visit because it's so much unlike other bars in Budapest - ambitiously, the multi-purpose venue boasts a performance stage, a small photo exhibit, live music, and even a sandbox catering to those with young ones. A small grill station supplements the full service bar where they sell grilled sausages stuffed in heros (€4). If you're feeling more adventurous, rent one of the two barbecue stations and grill your own food over bonfire, a la Hungarian style (note though that you need to bring your own food and give them a heads-up by phone).

Another highlight here is the eclectic crowd. It's rare to see people from all walks of life in one place, be it students, chic 20-somethings, or an alternative crowd. My favorite way to get to Valyo Kikötő, located in southern Budapest, is by walking down the Danube promenade stretching from the Great Market Hall all the way to Valyo. It's a 20 minute scenic stroll that you're unlikely to regret.