Tuk Tuk is a tiny, atmospheric cocktail bar on the ground floor of a boutique hotel (Casati) with a dark interior that evokes the decadent Shanghai of the 1920s. Being on a peaceful street just outside Budapest's party district, Tuk Tuk is a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle just a few blocks away.

Tuk Tuk's bespoke cocktails don't shy away from using Hungary's potent national fruit brandy, the pálinka - the almond-flavored amaretto liqueur balances out the heft of the spirit in the “Pálinka sour” (€8), which comes topped with foamy egg whites. The bartenders will also prepare classic cocktails upon request. Drinks are in the €6-11 range. Similar to the hotel, Tuk Tuk is a gay-friendly bar.