The Goat Herder - Espresso Bar

What's this bustling café packed with foreign students doing in the sleepy, mostly working class part of the outer District 7? This is the question that will likely pop into your head as soon as you step inside The Goat Herder specialty coffee shop. The answer lies literally across the street, in the form of the stately buildings of The University of Veterinary Medicine, where most of the students hail from Western Europe. This means they don't think twice before ordering a pricey latte. Evidently, the owner of The Goat Herder is a business savvy operator for recognizing this market opportunity so far from the city center.

Besides specialty coffee and free wifi, they also serve sandwiches, pastries, snacks, salads, and fresh fruit juices all day (no egg-based or other cooked breakfast food though). The place's moniker pays homage to the Ethiopian goat herder from the 9th century, who is believed to have discovered coffee after seeing its the stimulating effect on his goats.