Located in the heart of downtown Budapest, Textúra is the sister restaurant of Borkonyha, the Michelin-decorated establishment across the street from it. At Textúra, too, you can experience executive chef Ákos Sárközi's brand of technically precise cooking. Rather than piling the menu with updated Hungarian classics as many Budapest fine dining restaurants do, Textúra relegates the local staples to a supporting role. How come? Sárközy is a Hungarian celebrity chef and many of the customers here consist of his fans, for whom faraway dishes hold more appeal than yet another bowl of goulash, no matter how good it is.

The best of what I've had was a lightly grilled octopus appetizer paired with tender little balls of blood sausage and the quince soup lightly spiked with chilis and drizzled with scallops. Not all dishes are hits, but they all impress visually: the artistically sculpted plates arrive with striking color combinations — you'd do well to have your camera at hand. For dessert, don't miss the poppy seeds-filled ravioli drenched in crème anglaise.

The wine program, overseen by head-sommelier Krisztián Juhász, is one of the best you'll find in Budapest, featuring scores of local winemakers across the main Hungarian wine regions. Give Krisztián a few hints about your taste preference and let him take care of the rest.

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