TÁBLA Restaurant

TÁBLA is a small breakfast-only restaurant located in Budapest's trendy Jewish quarter. It's one of the two restaurants run by chef Gábor Fehér, a local young gun (the other, next door to TÁBLA, is ESCA, a fine dining studio restaurant). The designed space features white brick walls, sleek wooden tables, and the type of couch often found in the lobbies of boutique hotels. The highlight of the interior is the floor-to-ceiling window, which swings open in the summertime.

The breakfast at TÁBLA, served on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., includes many of the trendy items you would find in other cities around the world: avocado toast, quinoa salad, and granola with yogurt. They also make several types of bagels which are of the original, denser (boiled) variety. Although Gábor Fehér's skills shine through the dishes, be it the eggs Benedict or the creamy scrambled eggs, I find the portions too small in relation to the prices. €7 for three teeny tiny slices of breads topped with thin slices of avocado would seem excessive even in countries richer than Hungary.

Given the steep prices, most customers at TÁBLA are tourists, save for the occasional gastronomically discerning locals. If you like the food and the atmosphere at TÁBLA and want to kick it up a notch, try ESCA next door. Note that TÁBLA is closed on weekends.