STIKA Budapest

In New York or London, this hip breakfast restaurant would be just another fashionable crowd-pleaser: the type of place where tattooed and bow-tied servers scurry around a sleek space fitted with vintage light bulbs and greenery while fresh R&B tunes drift from the background. In Budapest, many places have tried to nail the concept, but STIKA, this pocket-sized restaurant in the old Jewish Quarter, was the first to get it right. Note that the food here is far from memorable, but the atmosphere and the reasonable price points can make up for it.

The highlights of the breakfast and brunch menus, served daily until 6 p.m., are the scrambled eggs with crispy bacon, the fluffy pancakes doused in maple syrup, and the bagels. The dinner menu is pricier and heavy on Angus burgers. Hungarian wines and beers are also available. STIKA doesn't take reservations for breakfast, and you'll most likely have to wait for a table in the morning, especially on weekends.

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