In New York or London, this hip breakfast joint/bistro would be just another fashionable, industrial chic crowd-pleaser: the type of place where tattooed servers run around a sleek, wood-lined interior in bow ties, vintage light bulbs hang from exposed galvanized steel pipes, and semi-alternative R&B tunes set the musical background. In Budapest, many places have tried to emulate this concept. But STIKA, this pocket-sized space in District 7, is the first to get it exactly right. Little inside will remind you that you’re in Budapest, but that’s not the point here. For breakfast/brunch, which is served until 6PM, the poached eggs with crispy bacon ("crispy eggs") are the highlight. At lunch/dinner, go with the “dirty love” cheeseburger with bacon and grilled paprika. Then wash it all down with Hungarian wine, most of which comes from small, family-owned wineries.