St. Andrea Wine & Skybar

St. Andrea Wine & Skybar is an upscale, year-round rooftop bar perched atop Budapest's downtown. St. Andrea is a Hungarian success story: starting as a small winery in northeastern Hungary's Eger wine region, they've become a nationally recognized wine label, now also involved with a fine dining restaurant in Budapest, St. Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar, and, since 2017, this posh rooftop bar towering over Vörösmarty Square.

Often the best strategy for a rooftop bar is to simply let the view do the talking, while ensuring that drinks are on point. This is exactly what St. Andrea Wine Bar is doing. Naturally, they serve their own wines, which include both white and red varieties—I most enjoy their Furmint (€7 per glass) and the Hangács Egri Bikavér cuvee (€10), both also available by the bottle. There are international vinos and a range of pricey cocktails, too.

In the summer months, sit by the al fresco tables in the front or the back, which offer stunning views onto Budapest (though partially obstructed by the grim facade of the nearby Marriot Hotel).