Spago Budapest

Spago Budapest is the 2021 project of globe-trotting Austrian-American restaurateur, Wolfgang Puck. Since the now-iconic location opened in Los Angeles in 1982, Puck has expanded his famous brand near and far. The Budapest restaurant inhabits the ground floor of a nicely restored historic building in downtown, currently also home to the five-star Matild Palace. Here, head-chef István Szántó sends out beautifully plated dishes that are reliably rich in flavor.

Spago's eclectic menu features everything from foie gras to homemade pastas, fancy steaks, and Hungarian classics (goulash soup, mangalica pork, somlói galuska). The core menu is complemented by Mr. Puck's famous creations, including the smoked-salmon pizza. Máté Horváth, one of Hungary's leading sommeliers, oversees the wine program, which comprises both Hungarian and international options. In the warmer months, be sure to ask for a table on the outdoor terrace. With mains ranging €25-35, Spago is a special-occasion restaurant.

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