Shalimar Indian Restaurant

If there was a competition for the least inviting restaurant interior, Shalimar would be a serious contender, but it turns out that this decor-deprived space, which is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Budapest, serves delicious northern Indian (Mughlai) fare. So, if you don't mind a bare-bones space that's rarely more than half-full, go right ahead, and good things will come your way.

The mixed pakora fritters, the creamy korma plates (€6), the spicy biryani (€6), and the spinach with cheese (saag paneer) are all very good, but best of all are Shalimar's tandoori dishes. The reshmi kebab (€7) and the tandoori chicken (€8) are both tender, juicy, and crisped at the edges. The butter chicken (murgh makhani; €8) comes in a rich sauce, which you should mop up using the mint-laced and soft paratha flatbread (pudina paratha). The best choice for vegetarians is the dal makhani, a creamy and fragrant plate of stewed black lentils. Round out your meal with mango kulfi, a condensed milk ice cream.

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