Ramenka is a chic, shoe-box-sized ramen shop located on Budapest’s party street (Kazinczy). They serve six types of ramens, of which the classic "ramenka" is the one you should go for (€6). It comes with half a dozen pieces of beautifully tender and flavorful slices of pork belly. The portions are generous and the pork-based broth is flavorful and gleaming with grease. While ramens can sport a plethora of toppings, I felt there was too much of the wood ear mushrooms, grated carrots, and soybean sprouts, which detracted from, rather than added to the flavors. If you aren't a fan of pork belly, you can also order the soups sans meat, or with chicken, beef, or seafood.

Know before you go that due to its tourist-heavy location, Ramenka usually fills up to capacity with a foreign crowd, and sometimes there's even a line outside the building. All guests eat by the elongated communal table in the middle of the small space, and thanks to the backless (read: uncomfortable) tree stumps they use as stools, there's little post-meal lingering - tables turn over quickly.