There’re many things to like about Ramenka, this shoe-sized ramen shop in the heart of Budapest’s party street (Kazinczy). The beautifully tender and flavorful pork belly is one of them. Each of the classic ramen soups come with about half a dozen pieces, which is as generous a meat serving as one will find in a ramen.

The hearty portion of pork-based broth is thick, heavy, and gleaming with grease. Instead of the creamy texture and opaque color of tonkotsu broths though, this one is darker and more salty than usual, but not unpleasantly so. While ramens in general can come with a plethora of ingredients, some of the toppings at Ramenka like the wood ear mushrooms, grated carrots, and the massive serving of soybean sprouts together are unusual, and detract from rather than add to the flavors. They also serve toppings with chicken, beef, and seafood, but those aren’t as good as the classic pork belly.

Due to its high foot-traffic location, Ramenka usually operates at full capacity with a largely sub-30 and foreign crowd. A communal table is placed in the middle of the small space with backless tree stumps used as stools, which ensures little post-meal lingering.