Quán Nón Restaurant

Leather banquettes, trilingual menus, and a prime Downtown location are not usually hallmarks of Vietnamese restaurants in Budapest. Not so with Quán Nón Restaurant. The spacious dining room isn’t so much tastefully decorated as more formal than the Vietnamese takeout places that otherwise monopolize the genre.

The standout dish at Quán Nón is the bun cha, a northern Vietnamese staple of grilled pork paired with rice vermicelli and the ever-present, fish-sauce based nước chấm dressing. The pork shoulders arrive perfectly marinated and with splotches of char from the grill. Bun cha is difficult to find in Budapest and this one is of the best renditions of it. Broken rice (cơm tấm) is another rarely-seen Vietnamese classic that’s available at Quán Nón. It’s a now-popular pork dish paired with broken grains of rice that Vietnamese famers couldn’t sell and had to eat themselves.

Prices at Quán Nón Restaurant are surprisingly reasonable for the quality of food and central location: a small bowl of pho bo, which isn’t so small, runs €6, as does the bunch cha. The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for Vietnamese food in the heart of Downtown and in a space that’s more upscale than street-food spots, Quán Nón is a great option.