Prime Steak & Wine Budapest

Prime is an upscale steakhouse in downtown Budapest, on par with the top steakhouses around the world, not only in quality, but, unfortunately, also in price. The restaurant serves premium imported meats from the U.S., Australia, and Argentina, including prime-grade Black Angus and Wagyu. You can also try a Hungarian beef, from grey cattle, but, I'm sorry to say, it pales in comparison with the others.

Prime serves strictly the best cuts: ribeye/tomahawk, porterhouse/T-bone, filet mignon, and top sirloin. The scaled-down lunch menu has a range of filet mignons. Be sure to also get the perfectly creamy spinach as a side dish, and, to help you ease into your meal, a selection of over 200 bottles of top-notch Hungarian wines are also available.

The decor is formal, but the dim lighting in the evenings lends an intimate atmosphere to the space. You can nurse a drink at the cocktail bar, which serves as the centerpiece of the space, if you need to wait for your table.

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