Pesti Burger & Bar

Pesti Burger is a chic burger joint located on the polished campus of Semmelweis University in Budapest's District 9. Judging by the full crowd at midday, slinging pricey burgers on a college campus is a savvy business idea (there are many well-off foreign students here). Pesti Burger is one of the few places in Budapest that uses a potato bun and the result is a light, moist, and wonderfully squishy burger. The classic cheeseburger (€7) is made with a nicely charred, 150 gram / 5.3 oz. patty from a Hungarian cattle breed and prepared medium-rare by default. If you'd like to upgrade to Angus, you will need to cough up €13.

Being a fast casual restaurant on a college campus, Pesti Burger lacks the intimacy of a sit-down venue, but if you’re in the neighborhood and the urge for burgers strikes this is a good choice. Three types of beers are available on draft. Note that the kitchen closes at 8:45 p.m.

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