Pesti Burger És Bár

Pesti Burger and Bar is a chic burger joint located on the campus of Semmelweis University, near the Basic Medical Science Center’s glass-curtained building in Budapest's District 9. The place occupies the ground floor of an indistinct, gleaming white dormitory high-rise. You might think that slinging pricey burgers on a college campus isn't the savviest of business ideas, but Pesti Burger tends to get at least half full at midday (the wallet-friendlier pasta joint next door is usually mobbed with students).

Pesti Burger is among the few burger places in Budapest that use potato buns for their burgers, and the result is a light, moist, and beauifully squishy bun. The cheeseburger (€7) is made with a nicely charred, 150 gram / 5.3 ounce patty from a Hungarian cattle breed that’s prepared medium-rare by default. If you'd like to upgrade your cheeseburger to Angus beef, you will need to cough up €13, an outrageous price in my view.

In part due to its location and in part because it’s a fast casual establishment, Pesti Burger lacks the intimacy of a sit-down restaurant, but if you’re in the neighborhood and the urge for burgers strikes, this is your best bet. Three types of beers are available on draft. Note that the kitchen closes at 8:45 p.m.