Palack Wine Bar

Palack is a laid-back wine bar on the Buda side of the city, right where the increasingly fashionable Bartók Béla Boulevard sets off. Sure, there are other wine bars in Budapest with a more discerning wine list and better-trained servers, but those places often end up being the playgrounds of wine snobs.

The wonderful thing about Palack’s unabashedly middle-brow approach is that it brings together a cross-section of local residents: Price sensitive customers can try entry-level Hungarian whites for €2 by the glass, while those with advanced palates and deeper pockets sip away on more complex wines by the country’s leading wineries, including Szeleshát, Vylyan, and Kreinbacher. Palack serves about a hundred types of wines, which are also available for purchase. If you get hungry, order a couple of the vegetable dips or the charcuterie and cheese platters (€8).

In terms of offerings, atmosphere, and prices, Palack is comparabe to Kadarka wine bar on the opposite side of the Danube.

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