Palack Wine Bar

Palack is a laid-back wine bar on the Buda side of the city, right where the increasingly fashionable Bartók Béla Boulevard sets off. Sure, there are other places in Budapest with a more discerning wine list and better-trained servers, but those often end up being the playgrounds of wine snobs. Instead, Palack’s unabashedly middle-brow approach brings together a cross-section of local residents: Price sensitive customers can try easygoing whites for €2 by the glass, while those with more advanced palates and deeper pockets sip away on complex wines by Hungary's leading wineries, including Szeleshát, Vylyan, and Kreinbacher. There are snacks, vegetable dips, and charcuterie platters to nibble on. In terms of offerings, atmosphere, and prices, Palack is comparabe to Kadarka wine bar on the opposite side of the Danube.

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