Pagony is the product of a creative idea: what was formerly the children's section of the historic Gellért Bath has been transformed into an atmospheric outdoor bar. This means, for example, that the bar counter is inside the former sauna building, and tables occupy the now empty swimming pools. The original wrought-iron lamps illuminate the space at night, and next to the entrance, you can still see the underpass that connects to the main, still functional wing of Gellért Bath across the street.

It's easy to tell that you're in Buda simply by observing the crowd. Instead of tourists, locals of all ages fill the space, many of whom come from the increasingly popular Újbuda neighborhood nearby. Draft beers and a long wine list is available to help lift the mood. If you get hungry, go for the juicy burgers (€8), which exceed the typical bar food standards. This, unfortunately, isn't true for the pulled pork sandwich. Pagony is open only during the warm-weather months, usually from May to September.