Nor/ma is one of Budapest's coolest craft bakeries, serving the usual suspects of contemporary international bakery staples like cardamom buns and filled croissants. And sourdoughs of course: If you glance behind the counter, you can watch as beautiful loaves of rye, oat, and whole wheat breads emerge from the electric oven.

Happily, the morning pastries also include two local favorites: the túrós batyu, a soft bun stuffed with a generous portion of sweet-tart cottage cheese (túró), and kakaós csiga, a delicious chocolate roll. Feel free to eat them on the premises if you can find an open seat from the few that's available by the window. Nor/ma's moniker is a portmanteau of "Nordic" and "Magyar," inspired by the time the Hungarian owners spent in Copenhagen to study and research Scandinavian breads and pastries.

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