Norbi Étkezde Budapest

Norbi Étkezde is a shoebox-sized, partially takeout eatery (or “étkezde” in Hungarian) that represents the best of the étkezde genre: it’s quick, cheap, and delicious. In the mornings, they prepare traditional Hungarian foods like stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikash, and a range of fried-and-breaded, schnitzel-like meats, so that by lunchtime they can feed the seemingly endless crowd with incredible efficiency. The line at midday can stretch outside the building - a sure sign of impending deliciousness.

Of the daily soup specials, the flavorful and reviving orja leves (pork bone soup) is a must. For mains, feel free to have Norbert and Andris behind the counter nudge you to what they believe is the highlight that day. As an unusually customer-friendly gesture, they offer patrons a half-portions too, which are still sizeable and cheaper of course. Most guests oblige. This means that a satisfying, two-course meal can be had for €3.

The only downside at Norbi Étkezde is the lack of space. Eating by the elevated tables that line the walls means that people will be standing right behind you as they're waiting to order. Oh well - life could be worse. Also, beware, Norbi Étkezde is closed on weekends and accepts cash only!