Neked Csak Dezső!

Neked Csak Dezső is a spacious craft beer near Budapest's party district. On any day, they have about 20 beers on tap, most of which come from Hungarian microbreweries, with a few options from the Czech Republic. The selections range from crispy lagers to sour ales and hop-forward double IPAs with sky-high alcohol levels. Apart from the top local labels — Mad Scientist, Monyo, Horizont, Reketye — Dezső also serves a few under-the-radar producers like Ugar, a brewery based in a village in eastern Hungary and known for its witty brand names.

Dezső has a full dinner menu — in addition to plain old cheeseburgers and fries the menu also features schnitzel and duck confit and even a rib eye steak. The high-ceilinged space can feel a little too polished despite attempts to spruce up the inside with patches of red brick and exposed fermentation tanks.

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