Neked Csak Dezső! - Brewpub & Bistro

Neked Csak Dezső is a spacious craft beer bar on the ground floor of a high-ceilinged building near Budapest's party district. The gleaming white and overlit space feels a little too polished despite attempts to spruce up the decor with patches of red brick and exposed fermentation tanks. They serve 32 rotating tap beers which come from microbreweries across Europe, mainly Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Options range from crispy lagers to hop-forward IPAs, and pricey double IPAs with sky-high alcohol content (the IBU scale on the menu helps decode the bitterness levels).

There's a full and unusually upscale dinner menu for a craft beer bar — instead of plain old cheeseburgers and fries to keep the blood alcohol levels in check, Dezső's menu features fine dining staples including a foie gras starter and a New York strip steak.

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