Neked Csak Dezső! - Brewpub & Bistro

Neked Csak Dezső craft beer bar occupies a spacious and high-ceilinged ground floor of a pre-war building located just a block from Budapest's party district, in the mellower District 8. The white-walled interior feels a bit sterile despite attempts to jazz up the decor with patches of red bricks and exposed fermentation tanks.

32 (!) rotating tap beers are available at Neked Csak Dezső, sourced from small craft breweries across Europe, most of them from Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Options range from crispy lagers to hop-forward IPAs and double IPAs with alcohol contents in the double digits. Bartenders are knowledgeable and can provide recommendations based on customers’ taste preferences (you can also refer to the IBU scale on the menu denoting bitterness levels). Pints are priced between €3 and €7. Cocktails are also available if that’s more your speed.

The food selection at Neked Csak Dezső is bizarrely upscale and expensive. Instead of plain old cheeseburgers and fries to keep the blood alcohol levels in check, Dezső aims higher with foie gras starters, duck soup, and fried frog legs.