Nappali Kávéház

The bars in Budapest generally fall into two categories: there are low-priced, bare-bones ruin bars on the one hand, and posh cocktail bars on the other. The in-between territory is noticeably thin. You know, a laid-back bar to pop into after a long day’s of work for a well-deserved highball of scotch and soda. And this is where Nappali, which tranlates to "living room," comes into play.

This snug place has all the components of a cozy living room—bookshelves, dense carpeting, leather armchairs, plus the obligatory Thonet chairs that no self-respecting Central European household can escape. But here's the twist: there's also ceiling-high shelves packed with premium bottles of spirits, mostly whisky. Think aged single malts like Oban, Lagavulin, and Glenmorangie, but also Japanese (Nikka, Hibiki), and other rare labels. An additional perk is that Nappali is tucked away on a side street, so it isn't run over by unwanted tourists.

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