Nappali Kávéház

Budapest's bars generally fall into two categories. On the one hand are the myriad of ruin bars offering an informal atmosphere and cheap drinks inside run-down premises. On the other are the posh cocktail bars where bartenders with chiseled jawline mix pricey cocktails of ingredients you haven't heard of. The in-between territory is noticeably thin. You know, a laid-back bar to pop into after a long day’s of work for a well-deserved highball of scotch and soda. And this is where Nappali (“living room” in Hungarian) comes into play.

The snug space has all the components of a cozy living room (bookshelves, carpets, leather armchair, plus the obligatory Thonet chairs that no self-respecting Central European household can escape) with one additional element: a ceiling-high shelf jam-packed with premium bottles of spirits. Mostly whisky. Think aged single malts like Oban, Lagavulin, and Glenmorangie, but also Japanese labels (Nikka, Hibiki, etc). And the bonus: being on a quiet side street (but near the action in District 7), Nappali isn’t overrun by tourists.