Mozata is a modern Lebanese restaurant hiding on a charming downtown side street, just minutes from the throngs of Váci Street. The airy, two-floored interior is fitted with comfortable chairs and mid-century modern furnishings, though I wish the lighting was a bit more subdued and the atmosphere more intimate (try the tables upstairs). The comprehensive Levantine menu features all the classic salads, hot and cold mezzes, grilled meats, and deliciously sugary desserts.

The highlights include the reviving fattoush, the creamy red lentil soup, the smoky eggplant spread (moutabal), the walnut-spiked strained yogurt called labneh. From the dessert list, don't miss the pistachio and strawberry infused milk pudding (festkiye). Herbal teas, beers and (Lebanese) wines are all available. Mains are €12-18.

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