Matild Café & Cabaret

Matild is a grand coffeehouse in downtown Budapest, right in the city center. The spacious, two-story space has been beautifully restored recently with Art Nouveau and classical details to bring alive the ambiance of Budapest’s pre-war coffeehouse culture. Opened in 1901, Belvárosi Kávéház, its original name, was frequented by a well-to-do crowd, then it drew a more literary clientele in the 1950s (the venue was later converted into a restaurant and a night club).

Similar to New York Café and the nearby Central, prices are mainly geared to visitors, but it’s one of those places that are worth experiencing during a Budapest trip for a coffee and a classic Hungarian cake, such as a Dobos, an Esterházy, or a Rákóczi torte.

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