It'd be easy to dismiss Marty’s with a snarky comment about its over-the-top interior that's striving a little too hard for the millennial aesthetic. But, like it or not, pastel pink and faux terrazzo floors are here to stay, so we'd better get used to it. Marty's is a pricey breakfast restaurant smack in the middle of Budapest’s downtown, an area otherwise low on breakfast options. Try to grab a table by the large windows overlooking Vörösmarty Square and the the gleaming white building of the historic Gerbeaud house.

The slim breakfast-all-day menu comprises the usual suspects: from eggs benedict to granola bowls to croque monsieur. And of course the obligatory avocado toast (€9). If you’re willing to deviate from these global favorites, try the “Hungarian breakfast” plate arriving with smoked sausages, paprika-laced salami, and the körözött cottage cheese spread (€10). Note that many of the mains come with surcharges (oddly, even bread must be ordered separately for the "Hungarian breakfast"). These are far from the best breakfast dishes in Budapest, but the central location and premium vista can make a visit to Marty's worthwhile.

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