Mangalica Mennyország

The refurbished Klauzál Market Hall in Budapest's old Jewish Quarter is a far cry from the thriving food court inside its sister location at the Hold Street Market Hall. Amid shuttered storefronts and bland grocery store chains, however, you will find a couple of self-service eateries that can make a visit worthwhile. One of those places is Mangalica Mennyország (the other is Marika Lángos Sütője on the upper deck).

Mangalica Mennyország ("Mangalica Heaven") serves a wallet-friendly two-course lunch prix fixe (€5). While not all dishes are made from the famed Hungarian mangalica pork, known for its curly hair and juicy fat, they are all tasty and hearty. My favorite mains are the fried sausage with a side of mustard and fried potatoes, the ever-changing vegetable stews ("főzelék") topped with eggs and pork stew, and the pork shoulder with braised cabbage and mashed potatoes. The vegetarian option, fried camembert with roasted vegetables, is surprisingly good for a place that prides itself on meat dishes. Cash only!

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