Mangalica Mennyország

The refurbished Klauzál Market in Budapest's old Jewish Quarter is a far cry from the thriving food court inside its sister location on Hold Street, but amid the shuttered storefronts there are a couple of self-service eateries here that serve low-priced and tasty Hungarian food. One of those places is Mangalica Mennyország (the other is Marika Lángos Sütője, a lángos vendor on the upper deck).

Mangalica Mennyország's moniker ("Mangalitsa Heaven") is a bit misleading since few dishes are made with the famed breed of Hungarian mangalitsa pork, known for its curly hair and juicy fat. Instead, you're here for the excellent two-course lunch prix fixe for €6. There's usually five or six options every day; I usually get a soup followed by a roast sausage with a side of mustard, or a vegetable stew ("főzelék") topped with a sunny-side up egg. Cash only!

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