MÁK Bistro

MÁK Bistro is a fine dining restaurant in Budapest finding inspiration in New Nordic cuisine. Accordingly, head chef János Mizsei, who trained in Denmark and Sweden, serves up bright-tasting and long-fermented flavors from seemingly everyday ingredients. The dishes are heavy on vegetables and fish, both of them prepared in light sauces. The interior shows obvious Scandinavian inspirations: the bare, exposed brick dining rooms have sleek wooden tables stripped of tableclothes.

Mizsei is known to go out of his way to scout for unlikely suppliers, like a farmer who collects birch sap in a Hungarian village. Don't go searching for goulash soup here: MÁK eschews the paprika-laced local classics. For the full experience, go for the 8-course dinner tasting menu, which runs €110 per person (€170 including wine pairing).

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