Madal Cafe (Ferenciek tere)

Madal is a popular specialty coffee chain in Budapest operating three locations across the city. Although the one near the Hungarian Parliament building is the biggest and has the shortest lines, this one, on Ferenciek tere, is a bit cozier with nooks and crannies. They use a rotating set of coffee beans based on seasonal harvest schedules. There are both espresso-based and filter coffees, and if you get here before noon, chances are that they'll still have some of the flaky whole-wheat croissants.

The inside features plenty of blond wood and motivational photos of Sri Chinmoy, the Indian spiritual leader who inspired Madal's moniker (his nickname was Madal). My favorite seats are on the upstairs, looking down at the action below. Being in the heart of downtown, Madal is easily accessible from almost everywhere in the city center.

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