Leo Budapest (Outdoor Only)

A rooftop view in Budapest can amount to an impromptu 20th-century history lesson of Hungary. Scan the Danube's bank from atop, and you'll see classically-proportioned, grand buildings alternating, seemingly randomly, with glass and concrete boxes. Those modern structures, not all of them visually pleasing, sprung up during the communist era (1947-1989) to replace what's been flattened by WWII bombings.

You can see this for yourself at Leo, a sleek rooftop bar in Buda perched above the swanky Hotel Clark but open to the public. The place is almost within arm's reach of the Chain Bridge, a historic Budapest landmark, with equally good vistas of the Buda Castle and the whole city. Even to local residents, the vistas from here offer an absorbing experience. Accordingly, prices are pretty steep — cocktails and aperitifs start at €12. (If you're on a budget, grab some beers at a grocery store and hike up to the vantage point above the Buda Castle Tunnel, around the corner from here, for similar views).

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