Léhűtő Craft Beer Bar (Horizont Taproom)

When it opened in 2013, Léhűtő craft beer bar was an early bird in Gozsdu Courtyard, a tourist-heavy area now teeming with bars and restaurants inside Budapest's party district. The below-ground space seats approximately 30 people, on high wooden stools. A set of 11 rotating beers flow from the taps, and plenty more from the bottles, including Californian and New England IPAs, porters, stouts, and even sour beers. Most of the Hungarian beers are sourced from Horizont, a local brewery in charge of Léhűtő.

At €3-6 per glass, price points are steep by Budapest standards, reflecting both the touristy area and the craft markup. Given Léhűtő’s central location, it can be a good starting point for a night of craft beer bar-hopping in the neigborhood. But first, to avoid a painful hangover, start with a tcheeseburger (€5), and thank me later.