Kontakt Budapest

It's worth visiting Kontakt simply for its location. This specialty coffee shop is nestled inside a charming, cobble-stoned courtyard of a downtown building. With a radically minimalist interior, a heavily bearded staff, and customers glued to their smartphones, Kontakt could easily be mistaken for a hip Brooklyn café.

Kontakt has a strict no-sugar policy, which, in the case of their drip coffees, comes in addition to a ban on milk. Kontakt believes that it's without these additives that their rich and aromatic coffee flavors fully speak for themselves. It goes without saying that Kontakt uses light-roasted coffee beans. If you feel like geeking out, Kontakt is one of the few Budapest specialty coffee shops that serves nitro brew too.

For food, walk a few steps across the alley to Szimply, a popular all-day-breakfast joint run by the same owners in a similarly fashionable vein. If you need to wait for a table, check out Rododendron, the cute design store across the courtyard from Kontakt.