For most people in Hungary, sushi is synonymous with Japanese food. Komachi, a no-frills Japanese restaurant in the outer part of the Jewish Quarter, is committed to proving otherwise. For a Central Europe based restaurant, it serves a refreshingly broad range of everyday Japanese staples. Everything from miso-, shio-, and soy-based ramen to curry, tonkatsu, karaage, and donburi. And most importantly, the food is outstanding. What the curry perhaps lacks in complexity, the ramen more than makes up in invigorating, bracing flavors. Basic ramens are made of a chicken bone broth powder, home-made wheat flour-based noodles, and slow-cooked pork shoulder. The karaage is exactly as it should be - crunchy on the outside, delicate on the inside. Just like one would find at a Tokyo street vendor. As for the interior, the simple, unaffecting space allows the food to take center stage.

It's no surprise that Komachi is popular among employees of the local Japanese embassy, and that most nights at least half of the guests are Asian. Three types of Japanese beers (Sapporo, Kirin Ichiban, Asahi) and two types of sake (a filtered made from Yamada Nishiki grain and an unfiltered nigori) are also served. Prices are wallet-friendly. If the waitstaff were a bit more enthusiastic, Komachi would be almost too good to be true.