KNRDY American Steakhouse

KNRDY is an upscale steak house located right in Budapest’s downtown. You should know before you go that you will have to shell out a fortune to taste these premium cuts of imported beef.

KNRDY sources Prime-graded and Omaha Angus meats from the Unites states, as well as Wagyu from Australia and Japan. In addition, they also dry age some of the bone-in cuts for 50 days if you’re into those funky flavors. KNRDY keeps things simple and only serves high-end steaks like ribeye/tomahawk, New York strip, filet mignon, and T-bone/porterhouse. You can’t really go wrong with anything here, all steaks arrive with a crusty, beautifully-browned exterior. My favorite at KNRDY is the Prime Angus ribeye, which is an intensely flavorful, juicy, and tender meat.

Prices can easily run into the euro triple digits, meaning that they're even higher than at the most expensive steak houses in the Unites States, like Smith & Wollensky. For example, 800 grams (28 oz) of dry-aged tomahawk steak costs the equivalent of about €100 at KNRDY.

While prices and meat selections are comparable between KNRDY and Prime Steak, another high-end steakhouse located around the corner from KNRDY, the minimalist, industrial chic design lends a more casual air to KNRDY (and of the two, only KNRDY serves dry-aged meat). A couple of seafood and mangalica-based entrees are available as well.