Those looking to passionately debate Hungarian political history will find themselves at home in this bar, set along what used to be a quiet street in the bustling Jewish Quarter. Kisüzem is popular among local artists, Budapest's left-wing intelligentsia, and international students from the Central European University. In addition to a range of wallet-friendly Hungarian wines and beer, rum fans can indulge in excellent selections from the top shelf.

Continuously changing contemporary art pieces decorate Kisüzem's exposed brick walls inside. The high-ceilinged space gets plenty of light through the oversized windows that are swung open in the warmer months. The quiet, chess-playing-and-tea-sipping crowd in the afternoons is deceiving - come nighttime and Kisüzem fills up to capacity (earning a place at the bar can be a challenge). If you're hungry, go for the ham and eggs sandwich or any of the daily specials that are prepared better than your average bar food.

On Sunday evenings they usually host live music performances, where a live band improvises background music to a silent film projected on the wall.