Opened in 1994, Király 100 is a traditional Hungarian restaurant a bit outside the city center, lining the historic Király Street. Exposed beams and rafters evoke chalet vibes inside the snug two-story space, perhaps as a legacy of the beer hall that first occupied the premises in 1893 (even today, many people come for beers only).

The dishes here are just a notch below those served at Budapest's top restaurants. The highlights include the liver dumpling soup (€5), the goulash (€5), the mangalica pork neck with crispy potatoes (€14), and the pork tenderloins draped in strips of bacon (€13). Servers are kind and accommodating. Prices, unfortunately, are on par with downtown restaurants. Patrons are a mix of tourists and middle-class Hungarian families, who prefer the neighborhood stalwart to a trendy place in the city center.

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