Kiosk is a hip restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Budapest, favored by trend-conscious locals and plenty of tourists. Kiosk has at least two things going for it: a stunning view of the Elisabeth Bridge from its outdoor patio, and a dramatically high-ceilinged, industrial chic interior. (Interestingly, the building houses a Roman Catholic high school upstairs, in fact, there's a chapel right above Kiosk.)

Food-wise, Kiosk aims to please all tastes with a long menu that includes everything from salads to burgers, pasta, steak, fish, and even a whole section dedicated to Hungarian classics. The dishes are dependable, but slightly overpriced by local standards. My favorites here are the hearty goulash soup (€6), and the mákosguba dessert (€5), a poppy seeds-based Central European dessert that at Kiosk is a delightful vanilla-soaked affair with a caramelized top. During the week, the three-course lunch prix fixe for HUF1,950 (€7) offers good value for money.

In the warmer months, the action shifts to Kiosk's expansive outdoor terrace overlooking the Danube River.