Kilenc Sárkány Étterem

Kilenc Sárkány Étterem (“Nine Dragons Restaurant”) is a long-established Chinese restaurant in Budapest, opened over two decades ago. They carry two sets of menus, so make sure the waitstaff hands you the one for the Chinese patrons, otherwise you’re in for watered-down dishes adjusted to “European tastes”. Most items on the long menu originate from China’s Zhejiang province, more specifically Wenzhou, the home to many Chinese immigrants in Hungary.

This means fewer spices and plenty of whole fish, of which the steamed carp in a sweet and sour sauce is the one to go with (requires at least two people to finish it). Dongpo pork, a Hangzhou-style braised pork belly, is also outstanding, as is the tender sizzling black pepper beef in a thick soy-based sauce. One will find all the popular Sichuan dishes too, like the spicy Chongqing chicken.

A note of caution: the two-story space is a popular stopover for large groups of Asian tourists who frequently come and go, which can detract from the dining experience.