Kiadó Kocsma

Kiadó is a snug, unfussy bar nestled in a quiet side street near the upscale Andrássy Avenue. Regular patrons comprise local artists, office workers, and international grad students, but some wondering tourists with a nose for hidden treasures occasionally stumble in from Andrássy.

Kiadó's ambiance is best described as cozy, infused with a bit of a bohemian flair. Matters of the heart are best addressed in the dimly-lit nooks upstairs, led up to by a curving staircase lined with ornate wooden balustrades. Although food is also served, most people come for coffee, tea, beers, or wine. Compared with similarly minded, unpretentious bars in the area, like Kisüzem or Fekete Kutya, Kiadó is quieter and more formal, so it works well for dates and meetings, too.