Kiadó Kocsma

Kiadó is an atmospheric bar nestled in a small side street near the upscale Andrássy Avenue. The regular patrons are local artists, office workers, and international students, but some wondering tourists with a good nose for hidden treasures occasionally stumble in here from Andrássy.

Kiadó's atmosphere is best described as cozy, infused with a bit of a bohemian flair. Matters of the heart are best addressed in the dimly-lit nooks upstairs, led up to by a curving staircase lined with ornate wooden balustrades. Although food is also served, it's the drinks that take center stage. Compared with similarly minded, unpretentious-but-congenial bars in the nearby Jewish Quarter like Kisüzem or Fekete Kutya, Kiadó is a bit quieter so ideal for dates and meetings too.