Két Szerecsen Bistro

Opened almost 20 years ago, Két Szerecsen is a fixture in Budapest thanks to its longevity. The restaurant anchors Nagymező Street, between the stately Andrássy Avenue and the Jewish Quarter, occupying a precious piece of no man’s land. The highlight here is the cozy ambiance — the bright space receives plenty of natural light through oversized windows and you can find little nooks amid the tightly crammed wooden tables.

To please all tastes, Két Szerecsen has a notably eclectic bill of fare: Moroccan lamb shoulder with couscous (€13), Thai green curry (€13), and Hungarian chicken paprikash (€10) appear side-by-side on the menu. While these dishes have been fine-tuned over the years, they're far from fine dining-caliber and also somewhat overpriced. This explains why most of the patrons are tourists in the evenings (more locals appear for the €5 lunch prix fixe).

I prefer to come here for breakfast. The "Viennese breakfast," featuring frankfurters with horseradish and mustard (€10), the eggs benedict (€7), and the sizeable mushroom omelette (€6) are all perfectly satisfying. You're best off, however, skipping the “Hungarian peasant” breakfast platter. Advance booking is recommended.

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