Although Kertem (“My Garden”) is the largest outdoor bar in Budapest's City Park, it somehow flies under the radar of most tourists. Many visitors have been to the City Park, but they usually just go in and out of Széchenyi Thermal Bath, barely noticing the expansive green space around them teeming with treasures like Kertem. The crowd at Kertem consists of a melting pot of locals residents from both the inner and outer city, often accompanied by their dogs.

The verdant area is towered over by trees that block the noises of the nearby streets and create a relaxed, almost intimate atmosphere. In addition to cold beers, Kertem also serves a few types of well-priced grilled sandwiches, of which the "Balkan sandwich," basically a Serbian pljeskavica, is my favorite. Kertem doesn’t try to be more than what it is, a lively outdoor bar, but thanks to its unique location in the park, it's one of the best representatives of the genre.