Kemencés Pizza 16

If you’re serious about your pizza and are spending more than a few days in Budapest, grab your hiking boots and trek out to Kemencés Pizza. It’s especially commendable when a restaurant so far from downtown decides to do what few restaurants do: aim to be the best in their craft. Both of Kemencés’ location are about an hour away from downtown by public transport, but think of it as part of the experience of discovering Budapest.

Kemencés uses a wood-burning oven for the pizzas, some of which stick to the classic varieties (margherita) while others use more unconventional toppings (magyaros). What unites these tasty pies is a light dough with a solid structure, and an airy, crispy crust. Kemencés usually gets mobbed with pizza fans, but even when it's packed, a hushed, quite professionalism exudes from behind the counter as three pizzaiolos churn out pies with breathtaking efficiency. There’s no chaos or frenzied hurry here - they’re quick, calm, and confident.

You can't go wrong with any of the pizzas, but my favorites were the the margherita (€6), and "másik fehér" (€7), which comes topped with a tangy sour cream, mozzarella, pancetta, onions, and piquante salami. Cash only!