Kék Ló (Blue Horse) is a hidden gem of a bar located outside of Budapest's main tourist zones within the outer part of District 8. Despite looking similar to many of its eclectically (over)designed peers, Kék Ló beats out other run-of-the-mill ruin bars. Highlights include a friendly service, a selection of local and international craft beers, cheap food including vegan and vegetarian options, regular live music (experimental, jazz, and folk varieties featuring local artists), which cohesively provide a welcome addition to the standard ruin bar repertoire. Kék Ló combines their bar with a pop-up boutique on the upper deck, selling upcycled clothing by owner & fashion designer Virág Tóth. The best part of Kék Ló is its locale in the somewhat gritty area of District 8 - it naturally attracts a crowd of locals and adventurous tourists.