Kandalló Pub

Part burger joint, part craft beer bar, Kandalló is a bustling space in the Jewish Quarter. Their burgers are among the best you will find in Budapest, although, as in other places, I'd prefer their buns to be smaller and squishier. Most patties are made from Grey Cattle, a local variety, while the more expensive ones use Angus (patties are 180 gram / 6.3 oz).

Of the 13 types of burgers, I recommend that you stick to the classic cheeseburger (€7) as the others aren’t so much improvements as variations made with different sauces (BBQ, jalapeno) and non-traditional burger ingredients. If you're looking to splurge, try the grilled foie gras-studded "Kandalló" burger for €15—it comes in a light brioche bun and the luscious goose liver does shine through every bite. They also serve a vegetarian burger with goat cheese, and a vegan one made with a chickpea patty and a potato bun.

15 types of local craft beers are available on draft. Note that on Sunday evenings Kandalló screens NFL games (advance booking is a must). Also, avoid the annoyingly-low bar stools, because it’s logistically difficult to eat from them and you will also look like a fool, as I’ve learned the hard way.