Jurányi Suterene

Located within a 6,700 sqm building, Jurányi is a gigantic center for the performing arts. It houses several dozen independent theater and dance troupes who use the space for practice and performances. On the ground floor of the premises is Jurányi Suterene, an under-the-radar bohemian bar and community space. During the day, people from the building come here for meetings, or to gobble up the well-priced (HUF 1,290 / €4) lunch prix fixe.

But it’s in the evenings that Jurányi Suterene reaches its full potential: an alternative crowd of theatergoers and performers drink away happily in this tucked away corner of Buda. In the summer, be sure to check out the spacious outdoor yard too. Perhaps Jurányi Suterene, along with Nemdebár, a similar lively neighborhood bar a few blocks away, will help spice up the neighborhood’s otherwise barren bar scene.