Jónás Craft Beer House

Due to poor urban planning, cars have better access to Danube vistas than city residents in Budapest. But a handful of bars can boast a precious river panorama and Jónás Craft Beer House is one of them. So, while sipping your citrusy pale ale here, you can marvel at Gellért Hill and the stately building of the Budapest University of Technology on the opposite bank. If you come from the city center, take tram #2 for a scenic ride along the Danube and get off at Zsil utca, almost right outside Jónás.

Jónás's moniker (Jonah) is a playful reference to the biblical story, the joke being that the bar is located inside a huge, whale-shaped building. They serve eight types of craft beers on tap, most of which come from Reketye, a Hungarian microbrewery and the owner of Jónás. During the al fresco season, you can order burgers and fries from a food stall stationed outside. Canned Reketye beers are also available for purchase.

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