JóKrisz Lángos Sütöde (Rákóczi Market Hall)

For an immersive local experience, make your way to this unpretentious food stall inside the Rákóczi Market Hall in Budapest's District 8. Hiding in the back of the building, JóKrisz Lángos Sütöde is a mom-and-pop standing-only eatery specializing in lángos, a traditional Hungarian deep-fried flatbread. I usually visit Jókrisz early in the mornings when the colorful cast of characters flock here from the mainly working-class neighborhood.

The lángos is exactly as it should be: crispy, golden brown on the outside, and doughy and chewy inside. If unsure, get the classic version with sour cream and grated cheese. The scrambled eggs with crisped-up sausages are also good, as are the palacsinta, Hungarian crepes, with fruit preserves, cinnamon sugar, or Nutella fillings. Friendly price points.

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